Our Aims And Goals

All you need to know about our strength

Team Spirit

Our work and best-practice exchange is based on mutual respect and trust. We co-operate across boundaries, branches and disciplines. Team, trust and talent are our keywords.

Customer Focus

Our expertise lies in customising solutions and connecting the right people. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients , colleagues & associates.


Our integrity leads to better work, better life - and to a sustainable future. We are honest and fair partners to our clients at all times. Promoting ethics , diversity and equality is our corporate legacy.


Our passion is to lead through enterprise and innovation. We encourage initiative in decision-making and creative solutions. Going the extra mile is our ambition.

Our Mission

To ensure client satisfaction by providing recruitment solutions that are in sync with your expectations.

Our Vision

Centaur aspires to become one of the stalwarts in professional recruitment solutions industry.

Our Core Values

We are a team of young talented professionals from service industry. We aspire to deliver quality ,customized & cost effective solutions to our clients. Aspirations like these have to be based on substance, which at Centaur comprises our four Core Values. They define the areas where we aim to excel, and are a distillation of the fundamental attitude and character of our organisation.

Each and every one of us demonstrates our commitment to making a difference to the world of recruitment by listening carefully to our clients , candidates and colleagues and by connecting the right people to the right job. This is the way to live up to and act in accordance with the Centaur's Core Values.

We're ready and waiting to help you.